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Singing Freedom – Vocal Lab

Feeling Sound with Igor Ezendam & Arianna Artioli

This vocal discovery workshop will support us with heart-focused sound as a tool for self-development, in order to discover new ways to dissolve tensions, open our channel of communication and hear clear harmonics in our voice.
On your journey of courage and self-expression, personal growth and authentic communication you will be supported by Igor & Arianna. Their goal is to help liberate, feel and love our voice, to free our vital energy and discover ourselves through the sound of our voices.
Igor discovered for himself the positive effects of sound for self knowledge and healing and now has 30 years of experience in his field. Arianna’s caring presence, poignant humor and emotional sensitivity help bring people back on track into love through truthful processing of old traumas. Together with Igor’s compassionate feedback and practical suggestions for improvement, being part of one of their retreats is a truly liberating experience.
This vocal laboratory is for anyone wishing to free their voice, develop vocal harmonics and feel more empowered. All are welcome.
Included in the workshop are demonstrations of various singing styles and relaxation tools, with group and individual exercises, with healthy detours into various other subject matters:
    – Remember to breathe!
    – Yawn Introduction to some serious yawning
    – Improvisation or how to trust what comes naturally
    – One Note, One World: focusing on one note at a time
    – My Voice My Body: sound reconnects us to our cells
    – Vitruvian Man and the Thoroid Space that surrounds our body
    – The Voice as a Mirror a traveling companion and guide on the path
    – The Healing Voice clearing our emotions
    – Song Magic singing from the heart in slow motion
    – Overtone singing or how vowels create harmonic frequencies
    – Loop, Mantra, Zikhr, Trance: repeating sound makes sacred
We may also touch upon the following subjects:
    – The Inner Shaman: wounded healers sharing the same wound
    – Intuitive sound diagnosis: listening to the harmonics
    – Soundmassage: deep relaxation state of bliss
    – Free Willy: jailed anger meets the feeling of freedom
    – Inner Child and Inner Parents
    – Balance and Cooperation between male and female energies
    – Personal Magnetism and natural authority
    – Being and Becoming a channel of loving awareness
    – Non-violent Communication or how to say what you really mean
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