Sacred Gathering 2023


Gathering 2021

4th annual international meeting SACRED DANCE GATHERING

will take place this year in the safe area of HALUZIC

A festival with a unique atmosphere, without alcohol and drugs,
with vegetarian and vegan food, in beautiful nature supporting a self-sufficient approach.

This year the program includes a new tasting of contact improvisations,
contemporary dance, tantric workshops, massages, painting workshops and much more.

This 5-days music and dance gathering – Sacred Dance has been created with intention to meet our dancing tribe which has been formed over past years, with intention to celebrate life together, grow through co-creation, to relax through music, dance and singing. You can look forward to live concerts, inspirative workshops and before all lots of dance. Nature, vegetarian delicacies, fire, massages, loving time spent with people who want to enjoy time in harmony with oneself, others and nature.

Together we will create one heart, one consciousness and one celebration whose vibrations will spread all over the world.

Come and connect in simplicity and joy with other people. Human to human. Today it is becoming rare even though it is still the most important human need and the base. Come and join the community of people who share the same values.


Practical information

Sacred Dance Gathering

This year we dressed Sacred Dance Gathering in a new coat. We conceived the program in a more “artistic-practical spirit”, where together with dance, voice, workshops on various topics, live music, and coexistence, we remind ourselves that we are one tribe in connection with the Earth and with each other.

We have not forgotten about the popular relaxation zone and massages, great vegetarian food and other caresses for body and soul, for example in the form of common rituals, through which we honor the elements of which we are all created. This meeting is an ideal opportunity to spend a few summer days in the wild and in fellowship with like-minded people.

Sacred Dance Gathering 2022 will take place in accordance with current government anti-epidemic measures.

There will always be a translation from / into English.

We also do not forget about children, for whom there will be a children’s corner and a shorter entertainment program.

Sacred Dance Gathering supports the principles of self-sufficiency, considerate approach to nature and a simple, modest life.

Our intention is to create a loving space for a common, meaningful time, which will charge us all and inspire us for the next few days.

Gathering begins on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, you can arrive at any time, ideally from 2 pm to 7 pm, when the registration will open.
Please arrive on time so that you have enough space to register, check in and dine without haste. The whole program begins at 7 pm with dinner, followed by an introductory meeting at 8 pm and the first program.
Please note that the number of Haluzice parking spaces is limited.
Arrange a ride or use the train.

Haluzice is located in a secluded forest in Haluzice near Kyjov in the Ždánický Forest Nature Park.

Our great wish is that everything takes place in harmony and respect for this place, in relation to nature and Mother Earth.

Since Haluzice already has its pets, please leave yours at home.

The goal is a sustainable, self-sufficient life in harmony with nature.

Throughout the meeting, the Haluzic team will prepare varied, simple and vital vegetarian and vegan food.

Meals are paid on the spot upon registration,
the price of full board per day for an adult is 450 CZK, a child under 10 years 250 CZK.
A child under 4 years old pays nothing for food.

In addition, there will be an all-day refreshment offer of the TOMCHAi tea house – coffee, tea, masala, biscuits, snacks for sweet tongues and a small hunger.

Sacred Dance Gathering supports the principles of self-sufficiency, consideration and a simple, modest life in harmony with nature. Our wish is to conduct our meetings in accordance with these principles and to encourage visitors to take responsibility for themselves and to participate in their own worries during the gathering.

There is accommodation in their own tents on a meadow in the marked area.
You can also come by motorhome if you have one. In the event that accommodation in a tent (with regard to health, for mothers with babies, etc.) would not be possible for you, contact us and we will try to provide you with a place where there will be several beds / mattresses. There is also a sufficient number of outdoor showers and outdoor natural toilets for free use.

Please save nature with us and bring your bowl and plate, mug and your cutlery. Each of their dining “utensils” by the caregiver.
Do not forget the jogamatka, pillow, blanket to cover the workshops.
An eye scarf will also come in handy.

We will appreciate it if your children contribute to the family atmosphere of the festival.

For children, babysitting will be provided in the children’s corner during the morning and afternoon program.

Children under 4 years of age have free entry, accommodation and meals.

You will find a children’s ticket from 4 to 10 years of age with accommodation on the tickets, there is only a fee for accommodation and use of the Haluzice premises. You will only pay for food for the child on the spot.

Address: Haluzice 128, 683 33 Mouchnice

By car: After entering Haluzice 128, Mouchnice into the navigation, you will certainly be able to do it without any problems.

From the main road No. 429 in the village of Snovídky, turn right and continue straight on to Stabila ČR s.r.o. After Stabil, you continue along the cycle path and this path will take you to us after about a kilometer. Someone from our team – the parking coordinator – will help you on the spot and explain everything.

By train you can comfortably get to the Jestřabice train station, from where it is a pleasant 1.5 km walk to Haluzice. If you are interested, we can pick you up at the station by prior arrangement (at least a day in advance) by car.


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