The program of Sacred Dance Family Gathering is composed with an intention connected with the season and to what autumn brings to us. We will gather at Sklenářka about 20 days after autumn solstice. It is the beginning of a period called „Fall in the dark“ – the days are getting shorter and nights are longer. This phenomenon is at its peak at the winter solstice. The fall in the dark is a dive into our inner universes and time for integration of what we lived. The summer is full of activities and events so sometimes we are not able to just stop and breathe, accept what we experienced and find the right spot for the experience in the mosaic of love. The autumn Gathering is a blessing to ourselves for loving integration. It is built in a way so our energy can naturally flow in harmony with existence so we are not just hanging somewhere out in the space. We are coming back in the warm inner cottage which we prepare for the winter. With Sacred Dance Family Gathering we will peacefully sit by the fireplace of our hearts and we will listen to the sound of rain of past falling on a roof.

We will make a tea and make ourselves comfortable in our bodies in our smooth movement towards the light.

Guy Barrington

Haza Aheli

Tomáš Reindl

Vojta Violinista

Štěpán Štochl

Viktor Vlk

Lu Neelam

Songful peacocks