Netanel Goldberg

Netanel Goldberg

Netanel Goldberg is a unique, versatile singer gifted with rare voice – countertenor – man falsetto voice. He is able to sing in high alt and soprano keys.

Netanel was born in a teacher family in Izrael, where he grew up in tradition of singing and at the age of 8 he started to sing in synagoga.

In addition to Hebrew and English, Netanel performs in new languages that he makes up live, he improvises with voice culture of ancient east, reads poetry and often creates his own poetry during live performances. He shares alternative healing prayers and singing.

Since 2012 he is a vocalist in music group “Sumsum Gypsy Troupe”, which is travelling Europe, Izrael and Australia. He is also a founder and producer of a project “Come However You Are” based on legacy of Rumi the biggest sufi poet.