Sacred Chants

Sacred Chants – organiser of sacred music concerts, mantra singings, workshops and other events for self-development.


Forest.Ink – Czech-Ecuadorian foundation rooted in Amazonian rainforest.


Sklenářka – healing and community place that will host our event. One hundred years old vila located in the heart of beautiful forrest.

Bosque Medicinal

Bosque Medicinal– Ecuadorian foundation dedicated to protecting the rainforest, seeding new trees and participating in reforestation projects.

Jelibo Byt

JeliboByt – allied and friendly real estate agency. If you decide to move to nature after the festival, Radka will help you with that.

Step In a Amazonia café

Step In a Amazonia café – shop with Amazonian superfoods. Fresh bar and vegetarian bistro in Prague.

Celebration of Life

We create space for inspirations, meetings and development of human potentials. Workshops, seminars and festivals.

Guy Barrington

Dancing Heart Path: Modern Mystery School and Facilitator Training with Guy Barrington.