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The intention of the workshop is to take care of the dark part of yourself that is connected to sexuality, guilt, shame, fear or other emotions.

To take care of ourselves, in the sense of showing our dark part in its authenticity, truthfulness, so that we can accept ourselves more, relax and be able to work with the topic. We want to integrate more of the fascinating power that is associated with the dark side and direct this power to improve our quality of life.

We will simply face the fear of rejection, give each other understanding and enjoy the complexity of our personality with love. We will challenge ourselves – games with the dark part in us, exercises on true communication, touch and personal boundaries, expression and self-respect, within which we will work with the topic. The workshop is for brave fools on the way to infinity (so all people) who want to open up to others, are willing to work with sexuality, the darkness within us and “dying” so that we can live more.

Looking forward to it, Kristian Zen

Posilovna psychiky