It is a tradition of North American Indian Fire Medicine, close to the tantric concept of reality, that teaches us how to connect and be able to be in a relationship with other people, with a partner and with everything that surrounds us. How to connect two different qualities.

How to create relationships and how to stay in them in beauty and freedom.

This ritual develops and cultivates our energy.

We will focus on the individual chakras and develop the energy they carry.

Fire and this fiery meditation is powerful and very cleansing.

Jitka Mandalam created a Shamanic ceremonial circle in the shape of a star, to which she invites us and summons protective forces. Then it will accompany you through the various stages of the breath of fire so that you can fully immerse yourself in the experience.

The whole meditation is accompanied by the music of J.M. Jare, who created this music just for this active meditation.