This massage cleanses the body of unnecessary old energy traces, which are stored in various places and remain in the body’s memory.

This massage comes from the Quodoushka tradition, the shamanic tradition of Fire Medicine.

The receiver lies on his back and receives on the front of the body and then vice versa. This is followed by the flow of energy in the body according to tradition, where energy flows upwards through the left side, through the left leg and downwards through the right side and right leg.

With the first touch, we anchor the physical body in the energies of this world. With the second touch, we literally squeeze old unnecessary energy tracks. The third touch brings us to the original energy, the divine within us, and we bring it to the surface so that it begins to radiate from our physical body. With the fourth touch, we smooth this energy in the physical body and then in the energetic body with the last fifth touch.

This keeps the body clean and ready to receive life. We will start by imprinting mantras, poetry of beautiful sentences and affirmations that may already be personal.

The whole massage and then also the imprint of the mantra into the body is pleasant to perform on the naked body.

Dress Code: sarong

Necessary aids: mat, blanket for lying down, blanket for covering if necessary.