sacred dance gathering 2021 319

You detach yourself from the ground. Your body will float in the air – maybe just a few inches, or a few feet. In any case, you will enjoy the cooperation of all your muscles.

Air dance (or also acrobatics on scarves) is a celebration of the potential of the human body. It awakens in us coordination skills, strength, flexibility. It teaches us to perceive the world from a different perspective – from height and upside down. It gives us to experience a sense of confidence and joy from new bodily experiences. It energizes the whole body, which will be pleasantly tired after the workshop. And awakened.

The workshop is suitable for everyone, even without previous experience. Recommended clothing – long leggings and a T-shirt with at least short sleeves (shorts and a tank top are not very suitable, because the exposed skin can be rubbed / burned on the fabric – an acrobatic scarf).