The programme of autumn gathering will again include ecstatic dance, spontaneous dance workshops with Haza from France, Dancing Heart Path workshops with Guy Barrington, trance dance, dance rituals and ceremonies, live music performed by multiinstrumentalists Tomáš Reindl and Vojta violinista, Viktor Vlk, Štěpán Štoch and fot the first time also Lu. You can also enjoy morning Osho meditation, yoga, kid’s programme, swimming and more meetings with great people from all around the world.

Workshops will be translated from english to czech and vice versa.

Guy Barrington

Guy Barrington as a guide of the gathering and of Dancing heart path… (Great Britain)

Dancing Heart Path Journeys create opportunities to explore different aspects of our awakening and emerging Humanity. On the dance floor we recover essential qualities and felt essences, which when awakened, enrich our whole existence. Every Dance Journey is a research, a prayer, an invocation, a dream, a dance wish and a celebration of Being.

Haza Aheli

Dancing with Haza Aheli (France)

Haza is a creative dancer, choreographer and teacher from France. She explores the universe of ethnic and contemporary dance and wellness. Passionate, powerful and absolutely mystic she embodies inventive force and a charismatic presence. Haza walks on a path between traditional and contemporary with innovative choreographies and emotional interpretations. Together with Guy she will take care about our smooth flight through our bodies and tunne us to the intention of the gathering.

Inner Jam

Inner Jam (Czech republic)

You can look forward to lots of live music borne inside of the musicians/guides Vojta, Viktor, Štěpán and Lu – group called Inner Jam – accompanying most of dancing workshops.


Šárka Kačabová (Czech republic)

Gentle joga wiht wild Sarka. Her lessons are gentle, less demanding, but go deep. Yoga brings new energy, harmony of body and soul. You can look forward to an original combination of fine yoga, qigong, auto massage, tantra, spontaneous dance and meditation. The lessons will be tuned to the current needs of Sacred Dance Family Gathering participants as a basis for all-day work and body and soul pleasure. Come to gently stretch your body and energy, to relax and to tune into the universe inside and above us.