TaKeTiNa – rhytmic meditation workshop

  • TaKeTiNa is a musical, meditative group process for people who want to develop their awareness of rhythm. In TaKeTiNa, there are three different rhythmic layers —represented by the voice, claps, and steps — that continue simultaneously.
  • This three day workshop in Prague is an unique opportunity of learning, understanding and experiencing rhytm, the fundamental power of life.
  • You can jooin us on friday for evening tasting, one of the weekend days and for the whole workshop which we recommend. During those three days you can reach depths of yourself with this rhytmic meditation.
  • On saturday there will be open evening, where Kula and Nuno will offer unique Trance dance journey. Everybody is welcome, you do net need to be a participant of the workshop. Starting at 9pm 2. 11. 2019.
  • Opportunity to sleep in a hall of the venue Plujici Oblaka if you are not from Prague.
  • For price information go to Tickets