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Magic tent

Čarodílna is dedicated to the creation of spiritual objects from natural materials. Everything that is created…

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Great goods



We offer beautiful silk dresses from sunny Sardinia, which are amazingly light, feminine, with lots of designs inspired by different cultures. If you love dresses as much as we do, don’t hesitate and look in the e-shop.

Protective amulets / Martin Vitalis

Our ancestors and people all over the world have already used precious stones for energy, disease treatment, meditation and rituals. Even today, precious stones accompany us and bring with them rare missions and radiant energy. Therefore, stop for a moment, relax and open your heart to the unique gifts of nature, which brings healing power, connection with the universe and yourself.

Moon.alchemi / Amisuel

I am woman, a creative soul, who has been fascinated about Cosmic cycles. My way about womanhood, femininity and creative spirit guided me to Moon.alchemi. Alchemy project about femininity, lunar cycles, which affect us in the magical way. When we open ourselves to this magic we can discover and get many gifts from that.

I invite you to this magic of sacred mystery of femininity and female rituals. Moon.alchemi is here for you. For the sacred gathering I ll bring the best of this project. All the magical things which ll please your soul.