Sacred Gathering 2023



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Great goods

Anandoham Parfems

Natural perfumes in the highest therapeutic Bio quality of the brand Anandoham Parfems will be presented by Kristy Eleimi in 3 collections:

* Therapy Edition

– a combination of essential oils and precious stones inside the bottle combined to support the emotional level, intention and theme of the perfume.

* Luxury Collection

– in which are the most selected and rare essences from all over the world in beautiful luxurious bottles created in the power day of the Earth with messages and codes for the New Being here on Earth and the activation of the highest human potential.

* Crystal Light Collection

– essential Guides in crystal vials for crystal beings who know their direction – vision – mission for anchoring the Soul’s plan into matter from purposefully selected essences carrying a high vibration.

* Kristy also creates customized Personal Perfumes, natural organic cosmetics and original gift sets of unique author’s works from several creative creators.

Healing Moments – Filip Král

My intention is to teach people to listen to their bodies, perceive what we need and indulge ourselves. In short, we all learn to give ourselves the care we deserve, every day I cook so that the flavors in the food are balanced: Salty, sweet, hot, sour, fresh, crunchy and creamy, this will arrange a perfect experience and fulfill our wishes. I focus on interesting cuisines such as Thailand, India, Vietnam, Italy, America, Mexico, Costa Rica. I prepare sauces of all tastes, salads, spreads, dips, sprinkles, beans, chickpeas or other mixtures seasoned in special ways that the world has not yet tasted. Grilled or fried Tofu, Tempeh and other vegan specialties. Coconut or vegetable sauces in dozens of ways. I prepare some foods with tested 100% natural essential oils such as Coriander, Mint, Lemongrass, Basil, Lemon, Cinnamon, Cardamom and thus turn them into high frequency food with an exceptional taste.

We can eat very healthily and at the same time have taste ecstasy from every meal. Learn how to live with nature, eat healthy food and use herbs.

Thank you for our connection and I look forward to our joint dinner by the fire or by candles where we tune into each other, open our hearts and enjoy together the moment and the food that heals .

Thank you Filip

Hlava v Hrnci