Tantra for beginners
Swami Anahata

Tantra for Beginners with Swami Anahata Tantra is a path towards enlightenment. This is a meeting of Love and Meditation using all aspects of being a human. Our body, Mind, emotion and senses are weaved together with awareness to bring sublime ecstasy in everyday life. As we are moving towards a merger between science and…

Dance of Polarities
Swami Anahata

Dance of Polarities with Swami Anahata Bring the best out of your partner in relationship   Polarity is the magnetism, the “spark”, the attraction that happens between a man and a woman. In our modern society, our life style depolarizes this attraction and defuses one of the greatest potential for spiritual transformation. If fully understood,…

Mystic Loop Sound Journey
Adrian Atma

Mystic Loop Project Adrian atma it’s an orchestra in one body, a travel in the whole world in one song, a whisper from the soul. The concert “Mystic Loop” is a very touching experience and the audience often report to have been carried away and elevated. We dive deep into the multilayered auditory experience of…

Singing Freedom
Feeling Sound - Igor and Arianna

Singing Freedom – Vocal Lab Feeling Sound with Igor Ezendam & Arianna Artioli This vocal discovery workshop will support us with heart-focused sound as a tool for self-development, in order to discover new ways to dissolve tensions, open our channel of communication and hear clear harmonics in our voice. On your journey of courage and self-expression, personal…

Ecstatic Dance
DJ Einki

*ED by Einki * Is a gentle yet profound experience, through his eclectic, exotic yet harmonious tunes you will be taken on an adventure around the world Einki is a true artistic wizard whose music has a multidimensional quality combining gentleness, power,sensuality, profoundness and playfulness. It features smooth transitions which enables a dancer to journey…

Cacao ceremony
Markéta Faustová

Lets meet each other to the experience of connection to the medicine of cacao. Gentle heart opening ceremony based on mayan tradition with very special cacao from Mexico. We will share kindness in singing and open up our pure essence. Lets re-connect to our soul and connect to each others hearts.