Vojta Violinist

Vojta Violinist

Vojta is a multi instrumentalist. His music is a journey a free flowing psychedelic fusion of celtic, classical and tribal sounds.
‘His fingers dance on a 130 years old violin, lungs sound out deep earthy drone’s on a didgeridoo, whilst one foot stomp’s out the beat on a cajon.’
As well as playing three instruments at once. Vojta uses live looping to raise the tempo and ramp up the vibes mixing in entrancing layers of percussion, beat boxing, violin, bouzouki and bansuri flute.

For Vojta music is a place where he can deeply connect and communicate with himself, a place where barriers of time and judgement are mixing together. Every song is played as if he is exploring it as new and his songs evolve from one show to the next. All of this adds up to a dynamic and immersive performance that permeates the venue and truly connects to his audiences.