Petr Vašák

I focus on studying and discovering the field of transpersonal psychology, a discipline that never stops fascinating me and whose possibilities amaze me more and more with each experience.

I deal with the possibilities, potential and application of altered states of consciousness to human growth and development. After a series of my own deep transpersonal experiences, I started working with new horizons which were previously completely invisible to me.

I further extend these horizons through spiritual development and other methods, such as deep mental therapy, Tantra and Yoga, meditation techniques, body and breath work or healing with energies and music. I endeavor to integrate all these techniques appropriately both in my personal life and while helping others to solve their body and soul issues on mental and physical levels. I thereby provide a complex system of personal growth, healing and purifying on multiple levels. Hundreds of people who I have helped with this practice are an evidence to me that my experience need to be further shared and disseminated.

I strongly believe that spiritual development and transformation of an individual is not only the simplest and the most effective method of healing and knowing one’s true self but is also the only way to improve all humanity and the situation on the planet. I help to find the best solution possible to enter the stream of happiness, freedom, harmony, light and love – the natural state of Being.