Mitsch Kohn

Mitsch Kohn

Mitsch Kohn is a composer, a music producer and a pianist, was born in 1974 in northern Germany and now lives in Berlin.

Mitsch’s highest intention is to feel and transmit the essence of music. As a heart musician, he is passionate about heart energy in the musical moment. Learning an instrument in childhood, he soon explored the freedom of improvisation writing songs to create his own organic, musical expression. When a piano teacher warned him, “You can´t play Beethoven like this” he cancelled his lessons and took the road of self-education, gained band experiences and took the first steps in recording and engineering. At 18 he wrote his first score for a local film and worked for a record company. He experienced the birth, growth and production of his creation. After finishing school and completing his social service year, he traveled extensively through the United States and Australia. Studying music and arts further ignited his passion for composing music.

As composer Mitsch won several international competitions. One of his biggest music performance was peace symphony for 240 musicians in 2009. As producer he is giving his attention not only to music but also to selfdevelopment audio books under his own label

In a new and ongoing event in Berlin and Leipzig called “Intuitive Klangzeit“ Mitsch alone or with other heart musicians explore new musical paradigms creating new age and minimal based, meditative, instant composing sessions, from silence into sound and back into silence. An awe inspiring concert with Syrian clarinetist Kinan Azmeh and Kosmosklang Pina Rücker (crystal bowls) in Leipzig on Feb 2012 raised consciousness and awareness to this organic, of-the-moment musical expression. Mitsch realizes the only boundaries to music are the ones we impose on ourselves. With every note and every pause Mitsch opens his heart to the divine communication of music.