Kristy Rybanská

For Kristy, traditional Tantra Yoga and meditation have become an inspiration to understand the inner world, to become aware of the present moment, to seek the truth and to remember.

Following her experience during her stay at an Indian ashram, her life began to change dramatically. As a result, she began to open herself and discover her inner potential and mission, and to return to nature, and thereby calm the level of the eternally agitated mind. Tantra Yoga has become a part of her daily practice and helps her open constantly new portals of knowledge on her Way.

Traditional Tantra Yoga is a combination of asanas, breathing exercises and meditation. It is a slow form of yoga that teaches the whole body to meditate. At the same time, it relaxes the mind and thus induces deep relaxation at the cellular level of the body. The gentle and non-violent performance of asana in a deep dive into the silence of the subconscious wisdom of the body expands our perception of the flow of bodily vital energy, while gently pushing the limits of our flexibility.

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