Deva Baumbach

Beautiful life on Mother Earth lover and supporter.

Deva is the author of the Musical Mandala – an interactive ceremonial concert. She also guides through dancing circles of universal peace at the international level (INDUP) and is the co-creator of women’s meetings called “Waking Woman” in Mexico and Europe (this event will also take place in the Czech Republic this upcoming summer). She also facilitates sacred arts retreats, during which dance and music are used as tools for inner development. Deva has been teaching for over 10 years and facilitates ceremonies that support families in their transition rituals.

She offers her practice to strengthen the community and to cultivate consciousness through creative presence. She believes it is the common language overcoming cultural differences. As part of her education she has studied human voice, theatrical voice and techniques of singing, dancing, music, Hatha yoga, Sufism and Zen meditation.

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