One of the most beautiful festivals I’ve ever been to worldwide. I love the family atmosphere, people who are in their hearts, not in their heads, I love sharing, laughing, joy and great performers, who are not only amazing musicians, but most of all, amazing people. It’s a meeting with my tribe.

The beautiful and peaceful environment of the Sklenářka community in the middle of nature enhances the well-being and the festival becomes a wonderful holiday, with a program for your personal development, meeting yourself and new people.

ikonka watson

It is like a space rocket flight all the way to all of it, into a depth of myself, there and back again. This festival has a specific atmosphere which I believe can absorb and open a door for those who are looking as well as for those who are not.

For me it was much more than having fun. It was a natural state of being with all and everyone, sharing life, moments, love, accepting myself and others. The most difficult part was saying goodbye.

ikonka watson