Ecstatic Dance, Meditation, Yoga, Singing, Dance

Our vision and topics:

– First of all GAIA 🌏– our mother, our body – we want to clean the stream of compassion for the one who feeds us, who holds us and gives us life. In difficult times we want to water Earth with our gratitude and awaken our ability and need for compassionate actions – to heal her and heal us.
One of the tools to purify us is our ability to OPEN TO THE WORLD 🌏 – to declare: “I am the creator and the artist, every step I take is an artpiece, each one of my breaths is a brush stroke on the canvas of infinity. I am the World and I welcome myself in it. ”
At Gaia Dance 🌏 we get the opportunity to express ourselves, connect with our creative source and co-create life through meditation, voice and movement.

What are our goals:

🌿 to maintain and keep building a community of creators of their own lives – people who have chosen to walk the path that leads through places full of colors and sounds.
🌿transformation of consciousness – the task which Sacred Dance has from the very beginning unchangeable and clear. Here is the opportunity to grow, to change – join us in our journey through blazing fire and come out clean, like a child. It’s up to you. Today or another time? The red pill or the blue pill?
🌿 and of course to celebrate together the arrival of SPRING! The winter is over and spring is here. The sun and flowers and bees and the morning dew and the rain and the storm and the desires and the fire, the earth vibrates with life, the birds return and welcome the new day. Join the bidrs!!

Who will guide us through the GAIA day and what we will experience


🌏 Anna Vašinová – pranayama, yoga, meditation
🌏 Adam Antoš – circle of intentions, space holder
🌏 Monika Obermajerová – vocal workshop
🌏 Erik Manouz – evening Ecstatic Dance and Sacred Songs
🌏 Lu Neelam – Mantras and Singing Together!
🌏 maybe even some surprise!

All-day tickets until 15th March are for 650 CZK. It is possible to participate in a part of the program, individual workshop or whole event.



Will be specified soon

IMPORTANT – Please come to all blocks of the program in time!
Advised to enter 15 minutes before the start. This will allow us to change, chat or refresh.

Thank you and we are looking forward to dancing together ❤️

Monika Obermajerová

Annie Vašinová

Erik Manouz

Lu Neelam

Adam Antoš