Why join our Summer Gathering?


Summer Sacred Dance Gathering – 24. 6. – 28. 6. 2020 will take place in Sklenářka again. This time few days after solstice we will celebrate together through dance, music and sharings.

This summer you will have another opportunity to be part of unforgettable dancing, singing and music workshops, to listen to beautiful concerts of artists from all over the world, to join morning meditations and yoga exercises, to enjoy our relaxation zone, massages, to taste awesome vegetarian meals and to spend several summer days in beautiful nature with great people and your children, for whom there will be a kid’s corner and short programe available.

Sacred Dance Gathering supports the principles of self-sufficiency, respectful approach and return to nature and simple life in harmony with it.

We believe that you will enjoy this gathering and it will be a pleasantly spent time for you and also inspiration for next days.

The Gathering starts on 24. 6. 2020. You can come anytime after 2 pm when registration starts, you will also pay for accomodation and food to Sklenarka (2200 czk or 100 €). Please come in time so you can register, accommodate yourself and enjoy diner at 7 pm without any rush. Program starts with an opening ceremony at 8pm pm followed by ecstatic dance at 10. Sklenářka has limited number of parking places so the parking by the vila will serve only for unloading of baggage and for organizers. After you can leave your car at a parking place about 15 mins away by walk, we will explaing the location upon your arrival.

Venue – Sklenářka


Sklenářka beautiful place in the heart of the woods, where a harmonic composition of young and long-standing trees surrounds a hundred-year villa. Sklenářka is a centre for meditations and natural teachings, supporting paths of finding nature of human sub-consciousness, ideals of self-sufficiency and sustainability of sources. It is open for meeting of individuals as well as groups on the path of self-discovery and personal development. In summer we have an opportunity to co-create such a meeting.

What will be available at Sklenářka besides us and our programme?

There is a natural pool, which can be used during the event for refreshing.
Peacock family – Sklenářka is also a home of several peacocks, which walk around the whole place with their dignity, sleep at trees and sometimes “sing” very loud.
You can also find here a hermitage for stays in darkness and secluded areas, a tepee, a sweat-lodge, a fireplace, a bow shooting range, a Sacred grove and meditation places in the nature and beautiful woods all around.

At Sklenářka there is a community of local people living and creating experimental space for community life in a natural, unstructured hierarchy and in open communication with others. The objective is always a sustainable, self-sufficient life in harmony with nature.

“We want to create and maintain space for peaceful grooving that will serve all those who need it”, say the locals.


Sklenářka - oslava slunovratu

Sklenářka and its team coordinated by Tereza and Honza Dlabal will provide optimum conditions for accommodation and social background during our entire meeting, including simple and vital vegetarian meals.
All day there will be an offer of refreshments to buy – coffee, freshly pressed juices, snacks for sweet tooth and even small hunger.

What to bring

Co si vzít s sebou

Please bring your own tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, pillow for sitting, towel, headlamp and comfortbale clothes for dancing. Mostly we dance barefoot. We will provide you with ecologic soaps and shampoos.
Bring your own bowl and a plate, utensiles and a cup. You will take care of your own “tableware” during the gathering.

What about children?


We will be glad, if your kids contribute to enliven our family gathering.
So do not hesitate to bring your kids with you. There will be ensured child cared in time of morning and afternoon workshops. Sklenářka is on its own a great place for children to have fun together in surrounding nature. Children have free entrance so you pay only for accommodation and food when you arrive. Children up to 4 years of age do not pay anything and children from 5 to 11 years of age pay 50% of the price for accommodation and food.

How do you get to us?

By car: When you enter Sklenářka 458, Kostelec nad Orlicí to your GPS, you will definitely make it without any problems.

From the main road no. 11 (Hradec Králové-Ostrava) make a turn in Kostelec nad Orlicí in the direction of Choceň. You will pass the train station and continue to the direction of Borohrádek. At the end of the town make a turn to the right in the direction of Zdelov and after about 500m, where the road continues with a sharp right turn, you make a left turn instead onto a reinforced forest road, which has a sign Sklenářka. This road will lead you all the way to us after about 1 km.

By train and by bus it is possible to comfortably arrive at Kostelec nad Orlicí, from where it is about 3 km to Sklenářka. If you would like us to pick you up in Kostelec, let us know at least the day before and we will pick you up for a small fee.